Located in London and Singapore, MAI is the sub-advisor to Institutional farmland asset management mandates and to the Irish domiciled Milltrust International Managed Investments collective asset management vehicle (ICAV) New Zealand and Australia Buy and lease farmland Funds, and the British Innovation Fund. The ICAV is a fully-authorised and AIMFD compliant investment company, incorporated in Ireland and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Investments are made directly by the ICAV, or through a series of tax efficient SPVs

Investment Rationale

Our investment thesis is driven by changing demographics, fast growing populations, by the search for yield, for a long term inflation hedge and by an appetite for real assets and the shift away from the typical private equity structure towards more a direct and longer horizon investment structure.


The MAI investment process is focused on identifying high quality and attractively priced farmland assets. Equally there is a focus on identifying creditworthy and experienced lessees (Buy and Lease strategy) and operating partners (Global Diversified) to lease and manage the farms. In all cases the due diligence emphasises a strict environmental, social and governance framework and aims to enhance the productivity of the land. For Buy and Lease MAI aims to invest in highly productive assets that are located to attract a ready pool of lessee tenants who are able to grow with the portfolio as it expands. For Global Diversified MAI partners with local (usually family office operators) operating partners who are incentivised to grow the value of the assets along with our investment.

The opportunities are focused largely on farmland which has a high productive potential, but is undervalued due to lack of infrastructure, development or management skill, and would benefit significantly from targeted investment, the introduction of state-of-the-art technology and agronomic skills.


The MAI team of executive asset managers and advisors has an average of 20 years investment management experience and includes specialist farmers, agronomists, financiers and ecologists. The local lessees and operating partners further enhance the collective experience with their track records, skills and local networks.


The MAI program offers investors a diversified range of agricultural investment opportunities driven by increased global demand for food and other agricultural commodities. The origination of these investments benefits from our collective local and global networks that have been built up over many years via professional and family association. MAI is investing in the first instance into a range of Australasian and Latin American-focused transactions where its networks have the deepest reach.