Milltrust Agricultural Investments

Simon Hopkins, Chief Executive Officer, and Griff Williams, Chief Investment Officer, discuss Milltrust Agricultural Investments. Hopkins and Williams explain the strategy, who it is aimed at and talk about the risk reward characteristics.

Talking about MAI on

Simon Hopkins,CEO, Milltrust International interviewed by, talking about ‘MAI’, Milltrust Agricultural Investments SPC. Hopkins looks at the aims of the fund, why it invests in agricultural land and the fund’s USPs.

Milltrust Real Assets Offering

Simon Hopkins of Milltrust discusses the positives of investing in real assets, identifying agriculture as a specific target area, and underlining the opportunities this investment can create. Hubbis, June 2014.

MAI Explainer Video Long Version

MAI Explainer Video Long Version

MAI Explainer

MAI Explainer Video